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Not New but New to Me

not new but new to meOnce I wrote the phrase “in my mind’s eye” and I thought I was brilliant.  I knew I must have been the first writer to put those words together.

And then I began to read and pay attention.  The phrase was everywhere – in books, in magazines, online.

It was the first time something like that had happened to me.  And as it kept happening I began to realize that just because something is new to me it does not mean that it is actually new.

Then I began to think of all the arguments of how everything has already been invented, it’s best to try to invent a better mouse trap, originality is dead.  These ideas are most prevalent in school.

Now as a full fledged member of the real world – “A student of life” – as a friend of mine called me, I hope there are an infinite number of new and original ideas that help us all live better lives.

And I look forward to all of the things that are new to me but not new at all.


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