transitionsWhen I was a third former at SPS I didn’t fully grasp the significance of the word Transitions.  Minority students had to attend a weekly meeting called Transitions to help us adjust to life at SPS.

At the time I didn’t believe the meetings were necessary.  After all, it was school.  All I had to do was focus on schoolwork and getting into college.  Nothing else mattered to me back then.  I didn’t really care if people liked me and I didn’t feel bad if I wasn’t included.  I put aside my initial feelings and worked towards the day I could leave.

Recently someone asked me what my first impression of SPS was and I thought back to when I visited.  I saw young people with huge backpacks moving quickly across pristine paths.  I saw immaculately kept buildings with paintings of white men who I thought might be a bit upset if they knew I might be accepted.  Every time someone said hello or asked me how I was doing I thought of them as a liar.  Of course, they didn’t actually care how I was doing.  I took the politeness as a sign of being a phony and as a student I made it a point to not be phony.  I would only ask how someone was doing if I cared.  I thought I was being genuine by being honest but instead I was distant.

I wish I understood the importance of those meetings back then.  If I wasn’t so busy being strong I probably could have gotten a lot more out of them.



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