The Baptism

The BaptismWhen I was very ill – hearing voices and hallucinating – I thought I heard the voice of God.  But God did not speak to me.  All I heard was laughter.  I believed God was laughing at me and how I’d lived my life so I decided to go to church to confront God.

I sat in Zion Baptist Church in Everett and felt compelled to answer the call to join the church.  I was ushered into the back to fill out paperwork and agree to be baptized.  I didn’t fully understand what being baptized meant though I knew it was something like being christened when I was a baby.

On the day of my Baptism I dressed in a skirt and nice white blouse but only sweats and a T-shirt were necessary.  As I stood in the pit beneath the altar filled with holy water my final thought before being dunked was that it was too late to reconsider.

This memory has come back to me after many years because it occurs to me that I have been healthy since this time.  I’ll never know if I would have recovered without being Baptized but I can’t dismiss the experience.  My recovery is nothing short of miraculous – even I know that.

Happy Easter!


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