I Have What?

I Have What?During my freshmen spring at Harvard at the age of 19 I was admitted to McLean Hospital.  Most well-known as the place Girl Interrupted was filmed.  The notoriety of the hospital was supposed to make me feel better about my initial psych eval concluding in my diagnosis of Type I Bipolar Disorder.

Now there are different types of Bipolar Disorder but Type I is the original one.  The one that used to be called manic-depressive.  I affectionately call it “the worst one.”  Seventeen years after the diagnosis I can actually begin to talk about it without feeling like a freak of nature.

A chemical imbalance, a neurological disorder, a mood disorder, sickness, illness.  I’ve described having Bipolar Disorder without actually saying Bipolar Disorder so many ways sometimes I confuse myself.  But as they say in business (and I hate when people say it) – It is what it is.

Taking medication, doctor’s visits, blood work – it’s all a necessity now.  Acceptance equals recovery and sharing my story means not being shamed into silence.


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