A Time of Extremes

tasha&jennaI recently met with a friend of mine from high school.  I was telling her how much better I felt about St. Paul’s and she asked me if being removed from the environment was clouding my opinion.  I had to say yes since I’ve been fondly reminiscing about my time at SPS since I decided to join the Alumni Association Executive Committee.

I told her that distance makes a heart grow fonder.  She responded by saying that distance can also make a heart feel worse.

So in light of my recent post of the Top Five Reasons I Loved Boarding School, I cannot leave out The Top Five Reasons I Hated Boarding School:

1. Homesickness.  Nothing prepares you for being in a new environment without familiar faces or people who love you unconditionally and always try to make you feel better.

2. Feeling Isolated.  Every kid in high school seems to be born with the ability to make another kid feel like an outcast.  Once ousted you can feel so alone no one and nothing can console you.

3. Over Commitment. The quest for the top college can result in joining activity after activity and pushing yourself to take more and more difficult classes.  People will tell you to relax but you won’t listen.

4. Dating is Nonexistent.  If by chance you are asked out there’s really nowhere to go.  And forget about keeping the relationship a secret.  People may start talking to you about the relationship before it even begins.

5. Feeling Like a Failure.  If you end up in prep school you will probably no longer be at the top of the class and you will probably not make one of the teams you try out for.  When you’re a star amongst stars it’s hard to shine the brightest.


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