Brownsville, Concord

Kids Are the Same Everywhere

“What languages did you take?”

‘What countries have you been to?”

“What was Harvard like?”

These questions were asked of me by the SPS students I visited on The Beloved Community Weekend and by the kids at I.S. 292 in Brooklyn when I volunteered on Career Day.

While at SPS I visited two classes and spoke to students of color informally and while at I.S. 292 I spoke to eight classes.

Sitting in Lower Dining Room my extracurricular activities and the clubs I belonged to at SPS were more important than anything I did for work.

The kids at I.S. 292 wanted to know what I did for fun now.  Do I play video games?  What are my hobbies?  Do I enjoy what I do?

They were looking for common interests and abilities so they could decide for themselves if they wanted to follow along my path.

At a certain age life is simple and it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in.  Things are a bit more clear – school and then work.  The hard part is figuring out what comes next.


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