Club Track – The Meet

When the Varsity head coach asked me to go to a meet he didn’t tell me what I would have to do.  I thought it was clear from my work throughout the spring that track was not the thing for me.  I knew all of the things I was not good at and felt any performance I delivered would be disappointing but I agreed to go.

He wanted me to compete in the 400m.  Once around the track didn’t seem so bad.  I’d never done it before but how hard could it be?

I started out fast, which is the worst way to start.  I was panting and exhausted with 200m to go.  I was on the inside lane and people lined up along the track to clap and shout encouraging words.  I was very tempted to step off the track and stop but I finished.  I came in 3rd out of the 3 of us who ran the race.

And I never ran again.


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