Club Track – Beginning of Practice

I decided to try out for the track team because it seemed as if every black student at school was on the track team and for a brief moment I believed my completion was enough to make me a good runner.

The head coach of the varsity team gave me a pair of running shoes because I think he had some of the same thoughts I had.

I started by scoping out the different events.

At the beginning of every practice there was a 5-mile run through the woods.  Normally I didn’t show up to practice until after the run because I was a club track member and not required to run it.  But I wondered if I could do it.

It started out fine enough.  The ground was not too hard or soft.  The sun was not too bright and sky not too cloudy.  There was a slight breeze but it was not cold.  I began with everyone else and I kept up for as long as I could but soon the last person I could see was no longer within sight.  I did not know the path back to campus and there was nothing marking the trail but I kept running/jogging and did not turn around.

“Tasha!” A friend of mine from the cross country team came looking for me.  Everyone else was back on the track well into practice.  We jogged the whole way back.  What was a 10-15min  run was more like an 60min jog.  Cross country was out.

And as for speed – I never stood a chance. Regan was the fastest sprinter in our division.  I ran the 100m in the same heat as her and she beat me by almost 3 seconds.  I think I could have power walked faster.

And the season was just beginning.  I had the whole spring ahead of me.


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