To Knit or Crochet

My friend AJ knitted me a scarf for my birthday.  I was shocked and I wanted to ask her some questions but all I said was, Thank You.

How did she have time to knit me a scarf?  Why me and why a scarf?  It was January and clearly I already had a scarf.

But it was pretty – blue & white, thick & warm – so I wore it for a while.

The longer I wore it the more I wanted to know how it was done.

There was some sort of movement in Brewster.  Other girls were knitting things and some were crocheting.  I wanted to learn.

We sat in a common area – those who knew teaching those who did not.

Knitting was harder than crocheting so I decided to stick with crocheting.

I still think – How did she have time to knit me a scarf (a long scarf)?

I never finished anything.


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