I’ve been called spoiled my entire life so now I own it and never contest the idea.

But after a mixer with some Oliver kids in different boarding schools I learned that others thought of all Paulie’s as inherently spoiled.

“Who cleans your bathroom?” asked Kenny, my friend who attended a school in Pennsylvania.

“We have someone who cleans it.”  I didn’t see how this was a big deal.

“You have someone?  You know who we have – us.  We clean our bathrooms.”

“That sucks.  I have a hard enough time keeping my room clean.  I don’t think I could manage the bathroom.”

“Brats – all of you.”

“Jealous much?” He could only smirk.

Spoiled or not we had a lot of work to do.

And it really was all I could handle trying to pass room inspections.


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