Now I knew we were somewhere near the woods but I never believed we shared space with wild animals until . . .

One of the girls came back to Brewster and said that she saw a small bear outside of the post office.

Could it be true?

I was too frightened to ask how she got away.  I went to my room to think of ways not to get eaten by a bear.

Running? No, I’m too slow.

Playing dead? No, I’m not very good at holding my breath.

Carrying food to give to the bear?  No, feeding it might make it want to eat me.

My only option – Go undetected.  As long as the bear didn’t know I existed I was fine.

And it turned out there were bears nearby.  I’m not certain if any of them actually made it to the grounds or if there was some sort of encounter with people hanging out in the woods.  But the school hired an expert to move the bears’ den further away from campus.

I wouldn’t have made a very good meal anyway.  In the midst of all the stress I was losing weight quite rapidly.  Skipping meals to finish work was becoming the norm.


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