The Longest Stretch

Thanksgiving was the first official break.  And as a 3rd former the beginning of fall semester to Thanksgiving break was the longest I’d ever spent away from my family.  It was the longest time we ever had to spend away from our families.  Every other break was much closer together.

When I got back home I was a bit surprised at some of the things I missed the most.  I didn’t miss people as much as things.  My mother’s cooking was high on the list.  I missed the tall buildings in Brooklyn.  In Concord the trees were taller than the buildings but in Brooklyn the buildings seem to come down from the sky.  While I was learning to enjoy the calm dark quiet of New Hampshire; I secretly loved how the bright lights blocked out the stars in New York.

The break was welcomed but short.  Soon it was back to books and slow mounting stress.  But wait, Christmas is coming!


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