The Question

What no one ever tells you is that the first time someone offers you drugs it won’t be the shady guy on the corner or some big bully.  It will come from your inner most circle and the pressure will be so intense you will have to consider your life without the friendships you’ve established or a reputation as someone cool, adventurous, and fun.

So when Mel asked me to go into the woods with her to smoke pot over a late night game of pool I missed a few shots before I answered.

“No.”  I said no because I knew if I said yes, one time wouldn’t be the last time.  I said no because I knew she wouldn’t ask me to use any other drugs or alcohol after the initial no.  And I said no because I wanted the reputation of someone who did not use drugs or alcohol at St. Paul’s.

Mel and I remained friends through graduation and even a few years after but parts of our paths never intertwined.  I didn’t judge her and she didn’t judge me.  That was the only way we could remain friends.


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