The Fort

The first big snow takes the campus by storm.  Snowflakes keep adding up until white mountains appear to mold and sculpt into anything and everything.

My friend and I quickly walked from Upper to escape the cold.  We turned into the Quad heading towards Brewster.  We had to pass two boys dorms – one right next to Brewster and one diagonally across.  It was clear the boys had built some type of ice/snow fort we thought to battle each other.

The first hit was to the upper body once we hit the center of the Quad.  The number of snowballs seemed to increase exponentially.  Hits to the face forced us to the ground where we decided to form snowballs and fight back.

There was no way to win but the shock the boys felt by the return of fire bought us some time to escape.

The war was on.  More forts went up all around campus and winter took over.


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