The Dance

Living at school in a small town means that dating venues are limited.  So when I heard of this dance where your Old Girl picks a boy for you to go with I was interested and excited.

After a little over two months I couldn’t really say who I wanted to go with so I left it all up to Allison.  Every girl had the same top ten list of boys they wanted to be paired with anyway.  In hindsight I should have given some preferences but all was not lost.

He arrived with a corsage.  He was taller than me.  (Not hard.  I’m only five feet tall.)  He had short hair and acne but he was older than me (which I liked).  He refused to dance but he was funny and that helped the time go by quickly.

We never went on another date but we remained cordial.  I wanted a boyfriend but he wasn’t it.


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