I’d never heard of the game before but it seemed like a reverse version of hide & seek.  The person who was ‘it’ found a hiding spot and the other people playing the game found her and hid with her.  Once everyone squeezed into the hiding spot the game was over.

We played at night in the schoolhouse.  It was against the rules to turn on the lights.  The person who chose to be ‘it’ took 5 minutes to find a spot and in we all went once time was up.

Some people searched in groups but most people hunted on their own.  The night I played it took me almost half an hour to find ‘it’.  The more people hiding in the spot the easier it is to find.

Most people were already crowded in on the floor under a table so I didn’t have to lie on the floor for long.    The best part was coming up with things to say to the people you were squished next to for however long it took for everyone to find the ‘it’ person.

I was beginning to enjoy life on a campus.  It added a dimension to high school I had never imagined.


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