I wanted every chapel warden to like me.  The chapel wardens were the students at the door of the chapel who were in charge of closing the doors at 8am.  It was always good to be nice to a chapel warden because when 7:59:59 rolled around you might need someone to hold the door open.  Teachers kept a sharp eye on every assigned seat and began marking people absent as soon as the doors closed.

Chapel was only 15-30min Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri.  There were announcements, speakers, performances, prayers, singing.  The worst part of chapel occurred when someone broke a major rule and their names and punishment were read aloud for everyone to discuss later.

I never wanted my name to be read in chapel so there were no more late night excursions.  Instead I would become the person giving speeches and announcements hoping to get people’s attention for the causes that mattered to me.


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