Warning Grades

High Honors


High Pass


My first set of warning grades (grades received mid-term to let you know where your final grade is headed) covered the full spectrum of passing grades.  No one officially explained the translation of these words into grades but everyone knew the best grades were High Honors and Honors.  The most troubling grades were High Pass and Pass as those were B- or lower.

I needed to get my High Pass and Pass to Honors before the end of the term without dropping my Honors and High Honors grades.  There was no other priority.  It required studying during the day and not just at night.  I spent less time studying in Mel’s room and more time on my own.  The term ended and my grades were up.  I was one step closer to college admission.


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  1. I was in 4th Form (10th Grade) at SPS when the change to High Honors, Honors, Pass/High Pass grading began. It coincided with when I started to “survive” academically. But my beginnings there were none too good at all, and it has taken me a long time to get a grasp on what I was really going through at the prospect of getting “the boot,” which I was definitely scared might occur. Point is, I was afraid that some version of not being allowed to go home might happen. Seriously! Again, I was just scared, I didn’t know what about, not really, not so feeling it equipped me with any useful coping skills — in fact, that fear along with being 16 years old was probably a good HALF of why I was in so much trouble then. Not sure what you call that, but I’m certainly glad to have insight now, that the first years were tough, and that I emerged from that misery, and found myself able to score Honors and even sometimes High Honors grades eventually, especially at THAT very fine school. Again, your blog is inspiring, and I thank you for writing it and sticking with it! BraVA!!!!

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