No Time to Sleep

6am.  My alarm goes off.  I awake laying flat on my stomach in my clothes from the previous day.  My fingers are outstretched over the keys of my laptop while my head rests gingerly against its edge.  I’m mid-sentence of my English paper but it’s not due today.  I’m making my best attempt to stay ahead of the work.  I have a planner I cannot live without and a laptop that’s become my best friend.

I go to class, sometimes eat, do club sports and extra-curricular activities before 10pm check-in.  That leaves 10pm-6am for homework and sleep.  More work with tight deadlines equals less and less sleep.  I convince myself that sleep every night is not a necessity.  I sleep 12-15 hours on Sunday.  It’s our only day off with class and sports Mon-Sat. 

There was no parent to enforce a bedtime.  The headmasters couldn’t even enforce lights out because they could never stay awake as long was we could.  It seemed as if no one slept.  The dorms were filled with girls coming in and out of rooms all throughout the night.  As long as assignments were turned in on time and all obligations were met no one questioned how we achieved everything.  Over achievement was the norm and the cost was worth the reward – a college of choice.


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