Book Smart/Street Smart

A girl came into my room while Mel & I were mid-conversation.  She had some news she felt we had to know.  Girls in the dorm were discussing how smart people were and there was a general consensus that Mel & I were intelligent but one girl wanted to qualify our intellect.

“Mel & Tasha are book smart.  They do not have any street smarts.”

I was about to say something when Mel responded, “She’s not smart smart.  She’ll be lucky not to flunk out.  She’s stupid.”

That girl left and I assume told people what Melina said because the girl who made the comment never spoke to either of us again.

But I believed that was an interesting distinction – street smart or book smart?

If I had street smarts would someone have had to save my life when I went out to get french fries?

Was I book smart because I’d read more books than had actual conversations with real human beings?

Perhaps this girl was right.  In order to survive I needed a bit of both.


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