“Do you remember the vid when the viders took our vids from outside of the vid and put them on the vid in the middle of the vid?  Everyone walked out of the vid and was like, “What the vid?”

Translation: Do you remember that time when the 6th formers took our backpacks from outside of the chapel and put them on a raft in the middle of the pond?  Everyone walked out of chapel and was like, “What the vid?”

3rd form was my introduction to SPS lingo.  The word vid can replace any word in any language at any time.  It means everything, something, or nothing all at once.

Vids were vidful.

Vids are vidlicious.

Vid is fun.

It’s my favorite Paulie word though it took me a while to figure out how to use it.

But once I did it was vidly.


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