Brewster Girls

“Tasha,”  Allison, my Old Girl, shook me as she whispered in the darkness crouched near my bed, “Tasha”.  I woke up and half listened, half slept.

“Put some cloths on and come downstairs with me.”

When Allison asked me to do things I did because I truly liked her, she never called me a newb, and she was generous with her time and possessions.  So when she came into my room in the middle of the night and asked me to go downstairs to the basement I did.

Many other 3rd formers were in the basement dressed in sweat pants or some sort of long pajamas, T-shirt, sneakers, and hair pulled back into a pony tail.

We were given instructions quickly.  We had to memorize a chant about how awesome Brewster girls are and how we could rock any boy’s world.  And into the night we went sprinting to avoid security.

Once we reached the first boy’s dorm I’d forgotten the chant as I struggled to catch my breath.  Then it hit me that I was a first semester student out after check-in.  If anyone would get caught it would be me.

I turned around and sprinted back to the basement door that was propped open with a wooden stick.  I walked gingerly up the stairs to my first floor corner room and fell back to sleep as if it were all a dream.

The next morning no one had gotten caught and no one spoke of anything.  I realized it didn’t matter that I hadn’t finished the route because no 6th former ever called me a newb again.


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