I cannot begin my time at SPS without mentioning the only best friend I’ve ever had.

Damaris and I met in 2nd grade.  Our friendship grew over the next 6 years all the way through to both of us being accepted into the Oliver Program.

We were always the top two students in every grade from 2nd through 8th even though we never studied together.  All our time together and telephone calls were about hanging our and having fun.  Damaris fought fights for me and if anyone dared to insult Damaris in my presence I would snap them into place.

Damaris and I were so much alike and yet so complimentary.  My life was better just because we were friends.

We never really said goodbye when I left for Concord and she remained in NY for Catholic high school.  Four years of high school passed with little correspondence but after our respective graduations we were both accepted to Harvard.


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  1. Did you become close friends again when you went to Harvard? Are you still in contact with her? I enjoying reading your blog. Keep writing!

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