A Passion is Born

White smoke bathed the theater as the music built.

We sat in the front row so when the human cat crawled out of an open pipe s/he climbed over my feet to the ramp leading up stage.

When I asked my mother to take me to see Cats and she agreed I did not know she would get front row seats, I’d get to wear one of my favorite outfits, and a fire for live performance would ignite within me.

Gone were my speech giving or MC days, I was soon a leading actress.  I developed my own method of how to build a character, how to express emotion so that people in an audience could interpret them, and how to adjust when things inevitably went wrong.

After two years of starring roles I knew that my true calling was not center stage.  I did not want to be the person receiving direction but the one giving it.

St. Paul’s would give me that opportunity.


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