You Must Learn How to Touch Type

The Oliver Program wanted to give us every advantage so we were required to take preparatory classes to hone our skills before prep school.

The groves on the keyboard are for the long fingers closest to your thumbs.  The six fingers on either side of the two fingers closest to the thumbs allow you to reach every key.  The thumbs are for the space bar.  Arch your fingers above the keyboard so that your wrists do not touch the keyboard.

Up until entering this class I hit every key with the same three fingers.  My forced transition was fueled by vigilant testing and grading and my fear of having to repeat the class.  By the end of the summer the new method of typing was safely engrained and I would never revert to the three finger method again.


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  1. I love this! THANK you! Because I’ve enjoyed improving my typing when I’ve done it, and now I realize I’ve still got to make much progress, that I’ll continue to benefit if I do. I also really appreciate that the folks at Oliver thought out the question of, “What skills are essential for success in our modern world?” Typing is not becoming less important, the opposite is clearly true. That sparks my wondering about what are essential items of cultural literacy. Nearing 60, I value much of what floats around in my head and heart, where I used to berate some of it as trivial. Not all of my life experiences are of tremendous value, but many are, and this is heartening to me as awareness grows that I’ve been doing a thing called living, experiencing, for a WHILE now. But, again, WHAT should people know about? What skills should we master? I’ve been thinking about that for years. It’s my intention to dig into this further now. Thanks again, what a great blog you’re writing!!! — BraVA!!!!

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