Space Mountain

“Did you see that kid?”


“He got off that ride.  He was like this,” my aunt placed her arms at her side and titled her head back as she convulsed back and forth.

“You wanna get on that ride?  I’m not getting on it.”  My mother didn’t say I couldn’t.

I’d just become tall enough to get on roller coasters and I wasn’t about to waste time being scared.

“I’m gonna go.”

The lines in Disney World were long but moved fast.  Instantly, I was at the front.  The man placed his hand in front of me.  I had to wait until the carrier came to a complete stop.  Blinding lights, then darkness, sideways, upside down, so fast. Screaming helped.

My family awaited on a bench.  “That was nothin’.”

But no more roller coasters until next year.



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