Body Slam

I loved everything about WWF.  I never wondered how one human being could punch, smack, land on top of, and stomp on, another and no blood was ever shed.  If they could fight that way then so could I.  But who was a worthy opponent?

My brother is 12 years my senior.  By the time he was ready to leave the house I’d just realized he was fun to be around.  He was the person I could punch, stomp, kick, and attack and he never got hurt.

While I loved Hulk Hogan as he took control of the ring and the audience stopping at all four corners, placing his hand to his ears and flexing his guns, my favorite move was by Randy Macho Man Savage.

I’d try to catch my brother off guard and rush his center.  But instead of me flipping him he’d grab me by my center, flip me upside down and into the air, drop me from as high as he could hold me and catch me before I hit the ground.  As soon as he caught me he’d say, “Body Slam”.

I’d rush him again the very next day.


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