Santa Baby

Every December in elementary school there was a Christmas show.  Typically each grade would sing a different play list, the parents would applaud, and Christmas break would begin.  Then in 6th grade, Ms. Reyes, my favorite secular teacher, decided to break tradition.  Instead of singing we would dance and instead of uniforms we’d wear costumes, Sister Mary, the principal, would later call lingerie.

It was an idea inspired by the song Santa Baby which would act as our chorus.  7 girls in black leotards and red bottoms covered by a sheer black top danced around 1 boy dressed as Santa.

I knew my parents would be in attendance and ready to disapprove but I wanted to contribute to the break from tradition so I acted as MC.

After my introduction the music began and one girl crossed the stage coaxing Santa with garland around his neck.  6 other girls glided in place once he was seated and pranced and wiggled suggestive circles around him.  The boy paid no attention to the crowd.  The rhythmic movements of the girls devoured him.  Everyone, mesmerized by the performance, held their breath and applause until the end.

It was the best elementary school Christmas show performance in the school’s history to date and it was the last of its kind.

Catholic schoolgirls could not perform in such ways – at least not on school grounds.


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