Go Straight Home After School

bklyn outside3 bklyn outside2bklyn outside1I didn’t realize that you could get in trouble at school for things you did outside of school.  It wasn’t on a field trip or any school sponsored event.  I simply decided not to go where I said I would go.

Sister Mary, the principal, and my parents thought I was going to the home of one of my friends and then a group of us decided to go to the friend’s house whose parents were not home.

It was just a group of girls sitting in a dark corner of a bedroom with the shades drawn.  It was the first I’d heard of this game – Truth or Dare.

“Have you ever kissed a boy?  With tongue?”

“Have you ever cheated on a test?”

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done and didn’t get caught?”

“Call your brother and ask him to give you $100.”

6pm – panic – parents home.  The fear was warranted.  A parent called the school.  Sister Mary divided us up the next day until someone caved and someone did spill their guts.  Punishment came from home and school.  I argued that the punishment wasn’t fair because I was close to home and I wasn’t with strangers.  No mercy received.

You might think I would learn my lesson and never detour on my way home again but you would be wrong.



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