Sister Mary

When I was little I thought if your parents gave you the name Mary then you would grow up to be a nun.

There was my 2nd grade teacher Sister Mary, who was the reincarnation of Julie Andrews’ character in The Sound of Music.  She played guitar and sang to us after lunch.  She tapped my wrist every time I munched on my nails.

There was Sister Mary, my elementary school principal.  She caught me and a group of friends in the playground with a dirty book, confiscated it, didn’t tell our parents, and didn’t punish us.

And there was Sister Mary, with the highest standards.  She was my 7th & 8th grade English teacher and middle school principal.  She helped me get into the Oliver Program.  She spent 1 period of lunch a week perfecting my diction and eliminating my Brooklyn accent for several speech competitions – go-ing not goin’ (don’t forget the g), of-en not oft-en (the t is silent), annunciate, don’t trail off at the end of sentences, don’t forget to breath.

There have been so many teachers along the way but I wouldn’t be me without Sister Mary, Mary, & Mary.


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