Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: The First Time You Think It Is Probably Not The First Time It’s Been Thought

I always remember the time I wrote the phrase “mind’s eye”.  I was so happy at something I believed was completely original.  It wasn’t until I began to read more and more that I realized I had not made up a phrase.  It was more likely that I had read it quite often without realizing it and when I used it I thought it was original.

It maybe true that everything has been done or said before but I firmly believe that every person is unique and each person has their own unique slant to everything.  But now when I think of something and believe it is the first time it’s ever been thought I just remind myself that it’s probably just the first time I thought of it.

Free Write

Real Talk

Ever miss someone who treated you like crap?  I mean you really hated them and couldn’t stand to be around them and when they’ve been gone for a while all you want to do is reach out to them and ask them how they are doing?

Fearless Thoughts

These Are Not BBQ Potato Chips


I’ll be honest – I’ve had 2 bags of potato chips since I started this whole lifestyle change thing – but people told me that I can eat popcorn.  It’s filling and low in calorie.  But it cannot replace chips.  At first I told myself I was strong enough to not have a cheat day or ever eat a cheat snack or meal.  I can tell you I’m not that strong.  I’m doing the best I can and it seems to be working but please whoever tells people that they can eat popcorn in place of chips – STOP IT!

Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Have Fun

Dance. Smile. Laugh. Talk Crap. Walk. Eat 1 Thing Like It Has No Calories. Drink. Watch Movies. Go to the Theatre. Listen to Your Favorite Song 5x in a Row. Sing Like You Sound Like Whitney Houston. Have Sex. Get Your Nails Done.  Get a Massage.  Travel. Read Books. Don’t Do the Laundry or Clean Your House.  Fall in Love.  Hate Someone.  Treasure Someone.  Have Kids, Get Married, or NOT. Do Whatever It Takes – Have Fun!