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Almost Spring – Take 2


Fearless Thoughts

What happens today?

There’s an exercise for writers when we don’t know what to write. It says just write I don’t know what to write over and over again until you figure something out.

I’m not going to do that here but I want to take a minute to acknowledge the wall created by real & perceived expectations.

I’ve decided to push myself & I know I will fail at some point at something but I refuse to let my inevitable failure curve my ambitions.

Is the risk the same walking under the ladder as walking up?

Free Write

The View

in flight photo

Whenever I fly I can’t wait until I’m high enough to take pictures of the clouds.  It’s as close to outer space as I’m ever going to get and it’s as close to outer space as I feel comfortable being.

Sometimes I still can’t believe people figured out how to fly.  Even though I’ve been flying my entire life the awe is not lost on me.

Anything seems possible riding above the clouds!

Brownsville, Fearless Thoughts

Inside v. Outside

Sometimes I look out on Brownsville and all I see is beauty.  The word projects doesn’t seem to describe the buildings from the outside.  When I go other places I see buildings that are built the same with the same brick and the same number of floors but I know that those places are not projects because of the zip code.

When I walk through Brownsville these days I see shelter for families, communal areas for friends, people working and succeeding, kids going to school everyday and working towards their future.

On the inside people are not sitting around feeling sorry for themselves, hoping someone or something will come and save them.  On the inside people are relaxing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.  A word will conjure an image but that is only one perspective.