Facing Forward

Time Is More Valuable Than Money

Every time I think of this lesson from business school I think of how people would rather give someone spare change than stop and have a conversation with them.

I’m a person who loves spending time alone but I’ve learned to set aside time for people – the stranger who wants to have a quick chat, the family members I don’t get to see that often, the family members I see often, the friends who have always been there for me, the people I want to build relationships with, and (until recently) the pet who always loved me.

I recommend finding the time and making the time to spend with someone else.  Once a time has passed you never get it back but you’ve probably already figured out how to make more money after it’s spent.

Facing Forward

Call Me Crazy

Using the word crazy is generally frowned upon in the mental health community.   No one wants to be called crazy in a dismissive disrespectful way but when I think back over my time in the hospital and all the things I’ve been through the only word that comes to my mind that sums everything up is “crazy”.  So I call my sick self crazy or insane but mostly just to distinguish the time from now when I call myself sane.  Health is sanity to me.

Random Conversations

So You Think You’re A Person

My mom’s best friend (who has passed away) used to have a phrase she would say that would always make me smile a bit.  She’d talk about someone or something someone did and she would say, “S/he thinks they’re a person.”  Yet somehow it had become clear to her that they were not worthy of the status of person.  I wondered what made someone not worthy of being called a person and now I think I understand what she was saying.

People have responsibilities and obligations and when you do not meet them or you act in a way that is disrespectful to yourself or others then you can really put your status as a person in jeopardy.

We’re all human and make mistakes but ask yourself if you are a person for yourself and for someone else.  Being a person to me means you care about other persons just as much as you care about yourself.

Random Conversations

I’m The Type of Person. . . .

I once heard that if you truly listen to people they will tell you who they are.  I naively believed that when someone actually began a sentence with “I’m The Type of Person . . .” they were actually telling me who they are.  Now I understand that anything prefaced with this comment is simply who that person would like other people to think they are and it really has very little with who they actually are.  I also realized that listening is more than about listening to the words people say.  But listening to a person is about listening to the person as a whole – their movements, their tone, their eyes, etc.

Also, I don’t believe I know every “type” of person.  Haven’t we divided ourselves into enough categories already?